Sports Injury

Chiropractic is all natural. Many athletes try to avoid medicating themselves and losing their edge to numbing pain relievers and over the counter medications. Care is provided with no invasive procedures or chemicals with side effects. The reduction of stress at the point of injury allows the body’s own natural and recuperative processes to quickly heal the affected injury. The body will rebuild faster and properly.

Dr. Przybylak works hand in hand with Proformance Sports Training. He works with hundreds of young athletes in the Buffalo area, including professional prospects in NFL football and the NHL.

Restoration of nerve function in the spine, that may be choked off during injury, will allow the proper healing processes to better fix the injury.
All nerves in the body have to communicate with the spine and brain for the healing process to occur correctly. Chiropractic allows for the restoration of constricted nerve impulse to reach the sick and injured cells that need to be healed.

Most athletes have committed to building their body into a better machine, so they can perform better. Chiropractic care works hand in hand with sports training, providing a stable foundation to build on. Greater strength is achieved efficiently when the structural and nerve function are made stable and more reactive through chiropractic care. This may be your edge between you, your opponent, and winning.