Family Chiropractic accepts assignment on No Fault and Workers Compensation.

We are sorry you were injured and we will work hard to help you feel better again. We will bill your insurance company for you and do our best to take the worry and confusion off of your shoulders. Our office is experienced in No Fault and Workers Compensation guidelines and can help you navigate the path to restoring your health.

We treat a variety of injury related conditions including, but not limited to: whiplash, sciatica, disc injuries, ‘pinched nerves’, sprain/strains, cervico-brachial syndrome, numbness & tingling in legs, feet, arms or hands, headaches and neck or back pain.

Try Chiropractic FIRST – to help you on your way back to health! We are happy to work in conjunction with orthopedists, neurologists or other specialists to get you the best possible care!