annelise_adjRegular spinal check ups can improve overall body function for you and all the members of your family.  We regularly see patients of all ages.  We will hear “chiropractic cured my sons ear infections” or “chiropractic reduced my baby’s colic.” The truth is though chiropractic has helped with a broad spectrum of problems – it is not the cure for any one of these!!!

The goal in chiropractic is to enable the body to function more fully, naturally. We gently address the spine, because it houses the spinal cord and is intimately related to the brain stem and spinal nerves. These structures help make up the nervous system, and control all the functions of the body.  When the spine is not functioning properly, is out of alignment or subluxated, it can affect health. Gentle adjustments restore balance – and health!

You may have heard of the great results we’ve had with ADD, Asthma, or even bedwetting – remember chiropractic is about achieving overall wellbeing!

Our office is family friendly & breastfeeding friendly.  Our doctors are passionate, and honored to work with your ‘little blessings’, and our staff members are happy to lend a helping hand with carriers, car seats or crying babies!  We have affordable plans for the entire family.